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BEFCO Broacast spreaders are available in both ground driven models, suitable for lawn tractors or ATV’s and PTO driven models, suitable for  tractors. They are ideal for use on farms, golf courses, food plots, park systems, athletic fields, school campuses, and municipal or commercial operations. BEFCO Broadcast spreaders are capable of spreading sand, salt, seed, top dressings, lime, granular fertilizer and other types of granular materials. Broadcast spreaders have the ability of either spreading the full width or they can be set up to spread prevalently to the left or right of the spreader. All models are available with either metal or polyethylene hoppers and hoppers are available in several sizes with capacities ranging from 237 to 765 lbs. All Broadcast spreaders are equipped with shielded fronts to prevent the material from reaching the tractor. Preset gate opening controls allow operator to quickly close and re-open gates to the same setting when making end of field maneuvers.


BEFCO pendulum spreaders are the only choice when maximum spreading accuracy is required. The pendulum movement of the spout ensures that the application rate is always identical left to right. Material is metered through the stainless steel distribution unit into the spout and then slung out the end of the spout as the tube oscillates. Preset gate opening controls allow operator to quickly close and re-open gates to the same setting when making end of field maneuvers. Turbo-Hop pendular spreaders are capable of spreading seed, top dressings, granular fertilizer, lime and Iron. Unlike other brands of pendulum spreaders that utilize a so-called “wobble-box” to operate and have all the moving parts out in the open, Turbo-Hop pendulum spreaders feature a fully enclosed gearbox, with gears in oil bath. This ensures durability and prevents costly and damaging rust build up on moving parts.
The spread swath varies with product between 17′ and 47′. An optional short spout can be used to reduce the spread swath in half to 8.5′ and 26′. Turbo-Hop pendular spreaders also have the ability to spread in bands. Band spreading is when the spreaders distributes material left and right but not in the middle. This is particularly handy in orchards or tree farms for treating rows of trees or shrubs. Band spreading with a Turbo-Hop is possible when the deflector is removed from the end of the spout. The material will be thrown in a band on each side of the spreader. By varying spout length and PTO speed, the spacing between the bands can be varied from about 23′ down to less than 6.5′. Five different models of Turbo-Hop pendular spreaders are available with hopper capacities ranging from 576 to 2310 lbs.



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